Our Academic Programs

Our Academic Programs

The Abiding Love International School of Ministry offers an educational program leading to the award of:

  1. Specialized Certificate in:
    1. Youth Ministry (9 credits)
    2. Church Administration (12 credits)
    3. Missions Leadership (12 credits)
    4. Evangelism Ministry (12 credits)
  2. Certificate in Biblical Studies (30 credits)
  3. Associate of Arts in Ministry (60 credits)
  4. Bachelor of Ministry (120 credits)


Applicant for admission is required to enroll in any of the above programs. For the specialized certificate program, 3 or 4 courses of 3 credits each must be completed under each for the award of the certificate. For the Certificate in Biblical Studies the student is required to complete 10 courses (30 credits) with approximately 9 weeks of classes. Additional 10 courses (30 credits) are required to earn an Associate of Arts in Ministry. For the Bachelor of Ministry degree, the candidate is expected to earn additional 60 credits (20 courses) after obtaining the Associate degree. Students who have previously taken relevant Bible courses from selected institutions with proofs will be able to transfer some credits for such courses into our undergraduate degree program.

Courses and class schedules:

Classes will be offered in person under a class-room situation or via Zoom. Classes for each course will take place weekly or bi-weekly and will consist of 9-10 classes of one and a half hours duration. All in person classes will take place at the school premises at Abiding Love International Fellowship, 210 Genesee Street, Trenton, NJ 08611.

The following are the current core courses offered:

Certificate in Biblical Studies (Year 1)

BI 100: Hermeneutic: Introduction to Bible Study 

BI 102: New Testament Survey 

BI 109: Book of Matthew

RS 101: Dynamic Christian Foundations

RS 102: Christian Life 

RS 109: Spiritual Development

RS 103: Introduction to Communications: Evangelism Perspective 

RS 110: Spiritual Warfare

CC 101: Sociology of the Family 

GE 112: Introduction to Management 

Associate of Ministry (Year 2)

BI 101: Old Testament Survey 

BI 103: Pentateuch 

BI 222: Philippians

BI 223: Ephesians 

CC 201: Introduction to Psychology 

RS 209: Faith Dynamics 

RS 212: Speech and Communication: Homiletic 

RS 105: Theology of Worship 

ED 101: Dynamics of Teaching 

GE 220: Financial Integrity and Stewardship

Intermediate Year (Year 3)

BI 220: Corinthians

BI 302: Major and Minor Prophets

GE 201: Cultural Anthropology

RS 200: History of Civilization I: Church History Perspectives

RS 217: Introduction to Charismatic Theology

RS 301: Pastoral Ministry

RS 304: Introduction to Leadership

RS 305: Introduction to World Missions

RS 314: Principles and Philosophy of Church Growth

RS 219: Christian Character Development

Bachelor of Ministry – Core Courses (Year 4)

BI 400: Advanced Hermeneutics

BI 405: Authenticity and Authority of the Bible

RS 444: Advanced Christian Worldview Studies

RS 435: Christian Theology 

RS 442: Church Growth and Development

Bachelor of Ministry – Specialization courses (Year 4)

Specialization in Theology – Core courses plus:

RS 419: Systematic Theology

RS 436: Ecclesiology

RS 437: Christology

RS 438: Eschatology

RS 439: Pneumatology

Specialization in Christian Leadership – Core courses plus:

CC 415: Human Development

OL 440: Conflict Management and Resolution

OL 450: Strategic Church Administration

OL 460: Ethics in Leadership

RS 440: The Challenge of Leadership

Specialization in Christian Education – Core courses plus:

CC 415: Human Development

ED 401: Philosophy of Christian Education

ED 403: Curriculum Development

ED 404: Classroom Management

ED 410: Teaching Methodology

Specialization in Christian Counseling – Core courses plus:

CC 402: Crisis Counseling

CC 404: Counseling the Dysfunctional Family

CC405: Addiction Counseling

CC 406: Counseling and Family Violence

CC 415: Human Development

Specialization in Chaplaincy – Core courses plus:

CC 402: Crisis Counseling

CC405: Addiction Counseling

RS 124: Health Care Chaplaincy

RS 352: Introduction to Chaplaincy

RS 447: Ministry in Correctional Institution

Courses for the specialized Certificate program (See the course title above)

Certificate in Youth Ministry: CC 415, ED 401, and RS 109

Certificate in Church Administration: RS 441, RS 442, GE112, and GE 220

Certificate in Missions Leadership: RS 305, RS 103, RS 442, and RS 414

Certificate in Evangelism Ministry: RS 103, RS 442, RS 212, and BI 104 (The Gospels)

Students are allowed to register for at least one of these courses at a time, although registration for two classes is advised.


Application Fee (one-time payment) = $50.00

Registration Fee (one-time payment) = $75.00

Tuition per credit hour = $125.00 (for courses leading to the Certificate in Biblical Studies & above.

Tuition per credit hour = $75.00 (for courses leading to the Certificate in any of the four ministry areas. If the student later decides to transfer the credit to towards the Certificate in Biblical Studies & above, s/he will have to take an exam and pay the balance between the $125 and $75 per credit).