Life Groups

Life Groups

Children's Church
ChildrenChampions for Christ is our Ministry for children. The purpose is to teach the little ones about the love of Jesus Christ, to help them see Jesus as a friend who is closer than a brother (Proverbs 18 :24). Prayer and singing praises are a vital part of the ministry. While we provide biblical teachings, there is also room for fun activities.

The Abiding Love children’s ministry provides a fun, positive, and enriching environment for the young members of the church . The children are divided into two groups toddlers and elementary/preteen. Classes vary from discussion-based, to movies, to arts and crafts projects. Based on the material we also have test and quizzes. All of our lessons are Bible-based so that from a young age our children understand that as Christians the Bible is not only what we read but what we live by.

A typical day in class begins with prayer, led by one of the students. Then the first few minutes are spent reviewing what was covered the previous Sunday. Then I introduce the topic for the day and read or have one of the children read the scripture. Then there is either a video or story that builds off of or depicts the scripture. After that to make sure everyone understands we discuss what we learned. The children are always so eager to learn more about the Bible, ask questions, and show off what they know and the connections they make. Sometimes there is a short quiz after instead of discussion so the children have tangible evidence of what they’ve achieved, and it emphasizes the importance of staying alert and focused. Finally, one of the students will close in prayer and bless the food. Then we have snack and play outside or play games. This time is filled with laughter and brings the entire class closer together. Once service is over the children are dismissed with new knowledge and often times a challenge for the week. Our main and most important goal is to help our children see that true joy is found when you live your life for Christ.

180 L.I.V.E Youth Fellowship
VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100180 L.I.V.E (Living In Victory Eternally)

180 L.I.V.E Youth Ministry
180 L.I.V.E. is the youth ministry of Abiding Love International Fellowship. The purpose of the ministry is to teach today’s youth about the immense love of God and the power of forgiveness. 180 L.I.V.E. started out with a small group of teenagers in 2006 and grew rapidly due to Pastor Kemi’s desire to reach the youth of Trenton, NJ. Since 2010, some of the original youth members have stepped up to assume the roles of head youth leaders. Pastor Kemi’s daughter, Oyin, now heads the ministry along with Karen Acquah, leader of the Young Adults Ministry. The two have a mission of showing today’s youth about the message behind 180 L.I.V.E.

Youth180 represents the 180 degree turn that we make from sin upon accepting Jesus Christ. Once we have made that 180 degree turn we can Live In Victory Eternally, thus 180 L.I.V.E. stands as the theme. The youth have also taken this term to express that anyone who comes into the service can witness a LIVE demonstration of that 180 degree turn from sin and how God’s love can change a person. It is a bold message that the youth continue to proclaim all over Trenton, New Jersey, and the world.

Our youth participate in church events, youth outings, children’s ministry, food distribution, and missions trips. They are taught about the importance of dedication and devotion as they are called to serve The Lord. The youth are taught about the importance of devotions and Bible study and are encouraged to share what they have learned. They are also encouraged to pray out loud to bless the service. Overall, 180 L.I.V.E. is more than just a youth group, it is a new generation inspired by God and chosen to change this world for Christ.


We meet at 10:00am Sunday mornings for Bible study and Wednesday nights at 7:30 for Youth fellowship. We also meet to celebrate different occasions with the purpose of lifting up the Lord.

Young Adult Fellowship
Young AdultsThe ALIFE Young Adult ministry is a vibrant group of devout young Christians who desire to know God and to seek after His heart. Our group consists of college students, young professionals and all others in between. Our purpose is to teach and to encourage each other in the ways of the Lord and ultimately to support one another in the transition to shed our teenage ways while ushering in our new lives as adults. We are committed to the ways of the Lord in not just hearing the Word, but actively putting it into practice.

Through this ministry, we hope to further understand God’s purpose for our lives by developing new skills and polishing old skills that will help us to fulfill God’s mandate for our lives. As young adults, we will face numerous challenges, however in the face of hardship and adversity, we are rest-assured knowing that we have a God in whom we can trust and rely on. We also can rely on one another in such difficult times to persevere through life’s challenges. Adversity will encounter us, yet we need not get bogged down because we know that these are times that build our character and strengthen our faith in God.

ALIFE Young Adult ministry provides opportunities for young adults to gain knowledge, ask questions, learn from others, and to grow into the individuals we are called to be. We embrace each stage of the young adult journey, striving to make the best out of each situation. In our singleness, we strive to find joy and satisfaction in preparation for a mate; in relationships, we answer to God’s revelation of a mate, and in marriage we find wholeness with a spouse. In each stage of our young adult life, we are confident that God is with us. From every hindrance to every joyous moment, we believe that God is in control and that He knows the thoughts He has for us and He knows why he allows us to go through certain situations. With this in mind, we walk by faith as God uses us to make a difference in our families, Churches, jobs, communities, nations, and the world.

Isaiah 40:30-31 Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Women's Fellowship
DSC_8041The chief purpose of our Women’s Ministry is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and maturity through group Bible study, fellowship and mentorship. The ministry also provides an avenue for women to support the ministries of the church as a whole by using their God-giving gifts to promote and enhance the different activities in the body of Christ. By women studying the Bible and fellowshipping together they build relationships, foster commitment to Christ and extend His love to others. ALIFE women are encouraged to follow the examples of great women in the Bible who walked with God and honored Him in the way they lived their lives. They are being equipped to be godly in any position they occupy: as wife, mother, daughter, sister and co-worker.
Men's Fellowship
Men's MinistryAs followers of Christ, the goal of ALIFE men is to be like Him, in deeds and in words. He is a promise keeper; we aspire to be likewise, by living up to our words to God and to our fellow men and women. We endeavor to fulfill this desire through the creation of cordial atmospheres for sharing the Word of God, praying one for another, fellowshipping together and mentoring one another in the Lord. Through these activities, we work to build one another up in the service for our Lord by being active in the various ministries of the church and using, for our Lord’s glory and our brethren’s edification, the gifts that God has graciously given us. Men, we love to share our joy of belonging with you.