Mission to India

MissionIn October 2006, Pastor Akin Bankole along with Mother Pearl Forde and Sister Esther Taylor took a mission trip to India. The team spent a week in North India with Pastor Mahi Pal Singh and the Pentecostal Church of God in Etah, Uttah Pradesh, North India. During this visit, Pastor Akin, Mother Forde and Sister Esther ministered in churches, schools and at special events, including open air services.

The team also visited Pastor Daniel and the Voice of the Gospel Ministries in Thrishur, Kerala, South India. The team visited and ministered at some of the Mercy Homes, a Ministry of the Voice of the Gospel, including the Ambassadors Mercy Home and the Cornerstome Mercy Home. Pastor Akin also preached at a hall packed Women’s Convention. Over the two weeks visit to both of the North and South Indian Ministries, many people gave their lives to the Lord and many received healing and deliverance. To God Be The Glory!

Mission to El Salvador

In June 2009, our former Praise and Worship Leader, Ms. Oyin Bankole left for El Salvador to join the Assembly of God’s Master’s Commission program. Oyin was in El Salvador for one year and a couple of months during which she joined other colleagues at the King’s Castle to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the people of El Salvador. Oyin’s program in El Salvador also included studying toward becoming a Youth Minister. She will be back in El Salvador for her graduation ceremony. Please join us in thanking God for granting her a safe and fruitful residence and ministry in El Salvador. We are delighted to have Oyin back and to see her play key roles in the worship and teaching ministries of the church.

In June, Minister Oyin went back to El Salvador to work at the King’s Castle as a Summer Intern. She worked with several teams from different countries, including the United State to do outreaches to minister the love of Jesus Chrsit to the young people people of El Salvador.

In August, a group of seven adults and youth from Abiding Love went on a mission trip to El Salvador and the team worked with Oyin and her team as well as a number of young people from the King’s Castle Ministry. During the seven days that the group spent in El Salvador, we did outreaches in different parts of San Salvador, reaching young and older people with the message of God’s love through dramas and songs. Many young people gave their lives to the Lord and a few adults did too. In addition, God did mighty miracles during those outings, including giving a three year old boy who never walked the strenght and ability to walk for the first time in his life. To God Be The Glory.