Children’s Ministry

Children Ministry

ChildrenChampions for Christ is our Ministry for children. The purpose is to teach the little ones about the love of Jesus Christ, to help them see Jesus as a friend who is closer than a brother (Proverbs 18 :24). Prayer and singing praises are a vital part of the ministry. While we provide biblical teachings, there is also room for fun activities.

The Abiding Love children’s ministry provides a fun, positive, and enriching environment for the young members of the church . The children are divided into two groups toddlers and elementary/preteen. Classes vary from discussion-based, to movies, to arts and crafts projects. Based on the material we also have test and quizzes. All of our lessons are Bible-based so that from a young age our children understand that as Christians the Bible is not only what we read but what we live by.

A typical day in class begins with prayer, led by one of the students. Then the first few minutes are spent reviewing what was covered the previous Sunday. Then I introduce the topic for the day and read or have one of the children read the scripture. Then there is either a video or story that builds off of or depicts the scripture. After that to make sure everyone understands we discuss what we learned. The children are always so eager to learn more about the Bible, ask questions, and show off what they know and the connections they make. Sometimes there is a short quiz after instead of discussion so the children have tangible evidence of what they’ve achieved, and it emphasizes the importance of staying alert and focused. Finally, one of the students will close in prayer and bless the food. Then we have snack and play outside or play games. This time is filled with laughter and brings the entire class closer together. Once service is over the children are dismissed with new knowledge and often times a challenge for the week. Our main and most important goal is to help our children see that true joy is found when you live your life for Christ.