Our Academic Programs

Our Academic Programs

The Abiding Love International School of Ministry is now offering an educational program leading to the award of:

  1. Certificate in Biblical Studies (30 credits)
  2. Associate of Arts in Ministry (60 credits)


Applicant for admission for Certificate in Biblical Studies will be required to complete 10 courses with approximately 9 weeks of classes and additional 10 courses are required to earn an Associate of Arts in Ministry. Therefore, a total number of 60 credits are required to fulfill the requirements for the award of an Associate of Arts in Ministry degree. The requirements, including lists of available courses, are in the Students Handbook (www.vision.edu/support/handbook_extension.pdf). As indicated in the Handbook, Students who have previously taken relevant Bible courses with proofs will be able to transfer credits for such courses from recognized sources to our program.

Courses and class schedules:

Classes will be offered in person under a class-room situation. Classes for each course will take place weekly or bi-monthly and will consist of 9-10 classes of two hours duration. All classes will take place at Abiding Love International Fellowship, 210 Genesee Street, Trenton, NJ 08611. The following courses are currently being offered.

BI 100: Hermeneutic: Introduction to Bible Study (3 Credit Hours)

BI 102: New Testament Survey (3 Credit Hours)

RS 102: Christian Life (3 Credit Hours)

RS 103: Introduction to Communications: Evangelism Perspective (3 Credit Hours)

RS 109: Spiritual Formation: Journey to Wholeness (3 Credit Hours)

BI 109: The Book of Matthew (3 Credit Hours)

CC 100: Sociology of Marriage and the Family Life (3 Credit Hours)

RS 111: Kingdom Living (3 Credit Hours)

BI 101: Old Testament Survey (3 Credit Hours)

BI 103: Pentateuch (3 Credit Hours)

RS 101: Dynamic Christian Foundation (3 Credit Hours)

RS 105: Theology of Worship (3 Credit Hours)

BI 201: The Gospel of John (3 Credit Hours)

RS 219: Christian Character Development (3 Credit Hours)

BI 202: The Book of ActsIntroduction to Psychology: Christian Counseling Perspectives (3 Credit Hours)

RS 209: Faith Dynamics (3 Credit Hours)

RS 212: Speech and Communication: Homiletic (3 Credit Hours)

RS 201: Authority of the Believer (3 Credit Hours)

RS 205: Healing Covenant (3 Credit Hours)

Students are allowed to register for at least one of these courses at a time, although registration for two or more classes is advised.


Application Fee (one-time payment) = $50.00

Tuition per credit hour = $65.00